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Welcome to my website! Be sure to bookmark it because I'll be updating it alot. I plan to add more cobs and norns as time goes on.

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Last updated 24th of March, 1999

Er... 1500! Cool! You are visitor number since launch on Thursday, November 27, 1998

  • March 24th: Took down the LE banner, and put up the boycott banner. Yes, I know this may seem hypocritical, but till now I had not found out about LE's censorship. Please check out the site! I also removed JayD's cobs from my site, as per his request. Oh, and I'll be moving to a new server soon, so I won't be updating for the next couple of days.
  • March 18th: Added a crossbreeds page, a new C2 norn, and several new cobs. Also added a no-frames version.
  • March 1st: Moved last months updates to the past updates page, and added 10 C1 norns. I still need 3 more submittions for the C2 wolfling run!

  • This is the main menu.

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