Welcome to JRChat. This is not my chat, it was created by LummoxJR and hosted by Kinnison. Below are the rules for this chat. I come in here quite often as "PMNBreeder", but mostly during the afternoon and evening (est time).

These rules were copied more or less verbatim from the main JRChat page.


JRchat currently has two rooms, though additional can be created as needed by a SysOp:

Guidelines and Netiquette

Unlike ICE chat, this chat does have operators who will, when present, keep things orderly. Go ahead and chat freely, but just remember that manners count. These are some important things you should know:

Commands and how to use them

Regular commands
.quitLeaves the chat.
.join <room>Joins a room. You cannot use this command to create your own rooms,you must join an existing room.
.me <action>Perform an action (i.e., " laughs.")
.msg <name(s)> <message>Send private message; separate names with commas, but no spaces, for multiple messages at once.
.who [room]See the user list of a room (the current room is the default).
.whois <name>Get info about a particular user.
.whereis <name>Find a particular user.
.usersSee the complete user list.
.roomsSee a list of rooms.
.roominfo [room]Get information about a room.
.ignore <name>
.unignore <name>
Ignore/unignore someone.
.ignorelistSee a list of users you are ignoring.
.isignoring <name>Find out if someone is ignoring you.
.banlistSee a list of banned and kicked addresses.
.isgagged [name]Find out if you or someone else are gagged.
.keepoutlistSee a list of people who are not allowed in the room.
.iplookup <IP>Shows a list of users with a given IP address.
.ignorebyip <IP>Ignores someone with a given IP address.
SysOp/TempOp commands
.kick <name>Kick someone out of chat temporarily. (TempOps can only kick users in their own room.)
.keepout <name>
.unkeepout <name>
.keepoutbyip <IP>
Keep someone out of a room--they are still free to enter other rooms. .unkeepout readmits the user. (TempOps can only keep users out of their own room, temporarily.)
SysOp-only commands
.gag <name>
.ungag <name>
Keeps someone from speaking; ungag allows them to talk again.
.ban <IP>
.unban <IP>
Bans or unbans an IP address. Partial IPs (i.e., "123.204.99") may be used.
.op <name>
.deop <name>
Makes another user a TempOp, or revokes TempOp status.
.permroom <room>
.unpermroom <room>
Creates a new, permanent room, or makes a room temporary again. Rooms that are always permanent can't be modified.
.setroom <item>=<value>
.unsetroom <item>
Sets data about the room, such as "Topic=Weather". Rooms that are always permanent can't be modified.

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